Murder Mystery Party in Charlotte
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Charlotte’s Experts in Mystery Entertainment

Transform any event into a killer crime scene with our Clue style mysteries and wow your guests with a game of mystery, intrigue, and murder they will never forget.

Host a Murder Mystery Party

The only bang at your upcoming private party doesn’t have to be the front door; you can start things off with a bang (or a stabbing, or maybe a poisoning), with The Murder Mystery Company in Charlotte! Our mystery experts are dying to come to your private event and shake things up with a murder, a crime scene, and a mystery to solve. You and your guests are the players in a live action murder mystery game of Clue, right at your party!

Check out our criminally fun mystery themes and start plotting your crime scene with your personal on call Crime Scene Coordinator, or customize your very own theme! We make it easy to throw a stress free event that is murderously fun from beginning to end.

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The Murder Mystery Company in Charlotte

Charlotte is the perfect place for a murder, and you can have the most Clue style fun possible at your event with a murder mystery party in Charlotte! Our mystery experts are so glad to call Charlotte home, and you guys have made it a wonderful place for us to do our private events. We plan on stirring things up at parties all around the Charlotte area for years to come!

The Best of the Best

The Murder Mystery Company doesn’t joke around about making sure they are the best mystery entertainment around. We’ve created a foolproof exclusive method of acting training for our performers called The GRIMprov Method, and we utilize our training system on every performer so we can guarantee you get the best show possible at your event, every time.

To find out more about the precision of our actor training, check out this video: